[TowerTalk] To ground to the boom, or not to ground...that is the question

Al Baker w5iz at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 16:06:13 EST 2006

Learned towertalkers,

I bought a used 3 ele 75/80 meter yagi several years
ago.  It was originally a 3 ele Force 12...but the
previous owner modified it to use W6ANR coils in each
of the 3 elements.  

I put it up, exactly as it came from the previous
owner...and had good success till lightning hit the
director and created the usual havoc.

We took the beam down last week and upon inspection
found the antenna must have  taken several hits, both
to the reflector and to the director, over the past 3
years it has been installed.

Both the director and reflector are insulated from the
boom...an artifact from when it was a Force 12 linear
loaded antenna?

My question is:

Now there is no linear loading...why cannot we simply
ground the director and reflector to the boom?  The
alternative would be to keep them insulated but
construct some sort of a spark gap...impermeable to RF
but an escape route should another lightning strike


73 de Al, W5IZ

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