[TowerTalk] Hy-Gain HG-52SS help needed

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Sun Feb 19 11:21:13 EST 2006

I have a 1982 hy-gain catalog that shows 30"x30"x51". But it also show the 
HG-54HD base as 36"x36"x72" and the manual shows 42"x42"x72" so I would go 
with the larger base to be safe.

At 08:59 AM 2/19/2006, Chuck Chandler wrote:
>I've purchased a Hy-Gain HG-52SS crankup in good shape, with tilt-over 
>base but no steel cage foundation.  Does anon know of a source for these 
>or an alternative?  I plan on installing it free-standing and have a 
>blurry drawing that seems to give dimensions of 4x4x4 feet for the 
>base.  Can someone confirm or correct that?
>Thanks in advance...
>73 de Chuck, WS1L
>charles_chandler at comcast.net
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