[TowerTalk] Feedline

Bob Alexander realex at flash.net
Mon Feb 20 21:14:56 EST 2006

At 100-200 ft from the station plus the height of the tower, I think you
need to find a way to make Hardline an option... Especially with VHF
operation.  A data chart can be found at
http://hamuniverse.com/coaxdata.html that pretty much says it all.  Note the
LDF4-50A specs at the bottom of the list.   This cable is relatively
inexpensive on the surplus market and in my experience is better than most
new coax cables even after being on the tower for 15 plus years.

For the rotor cable, use a Heavy Duty cable.  Larger diameter conductors
will ease the problems associated with voltage drop on the control line.

Bob, W5AH

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