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Hector Garcia XE2K j_hector_garcia at sbcglobal.net
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if Hard Line is not an option  for any rea$$$on  ok,
try the cheap option, 75 ohms CATV hardline   i get a
lot paying just a few dollars to the cable company
that deliver the pig tails or the last pieces of the
spools (100-300 ft each)  1/2 inch and 3/4

i have my packet antena using  3/4 hardline around 150
other 6m antena using 1/2 inche around 200 ft and the
top of my antenas for 6m more than 200 ft of 3/4 
direct  no ajust and my swr is around 1.4-1.7 to 1:1
at the resonant freq

i don't have a 1.1 :1   but i pay nothing to have a
low loss cable

that is a good option for a low budget 

if you have the money use LMR 600 or 1/2 inch heliax, 
if the money is no problem  use your imagination and
there are  several options.

for the rotor  loop , some lmr or flexible versions of
LMR 400 or 600

good luck in your project

--- wf3h at comcast.net wrote:

> OK I know this has the potential to open a can of
> worms, but I'm going to put up a nice tower about
> 100-200' from the station.  I need a good feedline
> that is low loss and easy to work with. Hardline is
> not an option.  
> I will be feeding both HF and VHF antennas.  
> Also, I'll be putting in a rotator (Ham IV). Any
> good rotator cable?
> THanks all you experts! Appreciate it.
> Bob/WF3H
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