Mike Harris mike.harris at horizon.co.fk
Tue Feb 28 18:39:29 EST 2006


|I wish to know how could I build non-inductive 600-800 Ohm 1KW resistors 
to use with rhombic antennas.
| Thank you,
| Fabio, IT9GSF.

Instead of high value high wattage resistors that are probably hard to 
find and expensive, how about using a 12:1 or 16:1 broad band transformer 
and putting a regular high wattage 50 ohm dummy load on the low Z side.

I used to drive an HF point to point transmitting station ( Falklands - 
UK) which used three nested 1100 foot long two wire rhombics at 110 - 150 
feet high.  Those beasts had open wire feeder from the out end to ground 
level, terminating in big ventilated termination boxes enclosing a bunch 
of high wattage carbon tube resistors in spring clips.


Mike VP8NO 

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