[TowerTalk] Too much showing :-)

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That's a good idea, Nick.  Actually I was thinking I would make the pad a
bit thicker than the 1.5' the plans show but I hadn't thought about going
that much thicker.  For one thing, I was planning to bury horizontal ground
rods around the tower as I backfilled so I'd want to be a bit deeper than 6
inches, but I wonder how much deeper?  You've got me thinking now, if I
formed two ft of the pier I could get by with two sheets of plywood instead
of four and the forms wouldn't be so heavy.


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Too much concrete base showing with 9'x9' base slab brought to surface? Why
not a simple box a foot or so bigger than tower footprint for the last 6
inches or so. Just backfill the rest of the area with good soil over the
remaining slab, plant grass and nobody will know the difference. A simple
square out of 2x6's will suffice. Place over the pour at last moment and the
concrete slump will hold it in place, not allowing the box to float up, and
finish it after it sets up for 15 minutes or so. It'll give you a small
surface slab over the unformed big base.
  Just a thought,
  Nick WB7PEK

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