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     I built a Trylon T-500-64 (64 feet tall) in the summer of 2001 and wrote about this project on this reflector.  If you're interested you can search the archives for May - November of 2001 for info.

     I constructed the tower exactly the way you're describing - piece by piece, bolt by bolt.  The most critical part was getting the lower section perfectly straight and plumb.  I used a level surface (piece of plywood with shims as needed) on which I assembled the lower section.  I then suspended a plumb bob from a wooden T-frame atop the section and lined up each leg with the string.  Then I tightened each bolt to spec.

     Climbing the tower as it went up was not a problem.  I wore a pair of sturdy work boots with good ankle support and found that I didn't get overly tired from a few hours of work.  I was able to work from the inside until I got to the forty-foot level.  Then I had to assemble the pieces from the outside, as the tower was a bit snug from there to the top.  (I suppose that today I'd have to go to the outside at the 32 foot level, but that's another story.)

     It took me about two hours per section to daisy-chain the pieces on a haul rope, haul them up one at a time, and bolt them together.  In all I suppose it took me a good twenty-four hours to assemble the eight sections and install the rotator/bearing platroms, mast and rotator.  

     Drop me a note if you have more questions.  Good luck.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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From: "JC Smith" <jc-smith at comcast.net>
> I'm installing a new 80' tower this summer.  It's in a location that can't
> be accessed by a crane so I'm going to build it in place like a giant
> erector set.  (I'll post a link to photos soon.)  I know some of you have
> done this in the past and I'm curious how hard it is to climb around on
> these towers?  Obviously, during the assembly I will need to climb all
> around the tower, not just up one leg (which may or may not have climbing
> bolts).  I have a number of good pairs of sturdy boots.  Will climbing bolts
> be much help or can I almost as easily climb the braces?  I don't think
> Trylon offers climbing bolts but AN-Wireless does.  Any advice from those
> who have been there before will be appreciated.
> Thanks & 73 - JC, k0hps at amsat.org
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