[TowerTalk] Help Needed Replacing Crank-Up Cable on US Tower

Al Williams alwilliams at olywa.net
Mon Jun 5 11:50:59 EDT 2006

I have tried to sketch out the cable stringing of the tower using a large 
bag of clothespins to snap onto what I have already sketched but am not 
confident of being accurate.  I would certainly try to follow the advice of 
pulling the new cable through by attaching to the old cable(s).  If anyone 
has a sketch I would appreciate receiving a copy.

But before going to all that trouble and expense I would carefully inspect 
the cables and if showing no nicks, corrosion, or rust would leave them as 
is and instead replace the momentary down-off-up switch with a non-momentary 
one.  That would allow one to  throw the switch to the desired direction, 
stand away from under the antennas, and apply power while watching from a 
safe position.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Help Needed Replacing Crank-Up Cable on US Tower

> Hi Gang,
> I just purchased and have brought home US Tower, model HDX-572MDPL, 72' 
> Heavy
> Duty tower from the estate of a SK.
> It has a motor drive whose design includes a postive pulldown feature.
> The tower contains 4 sections, was installed in 1999 and has had little 
> use.
> Where I need help:
> US Tower recommends replacing the cable every 2-3 years, which may be an
> overkill but is definitely erring on the side of safety.  Since my tower 
> is 7
> years old I'd like to start out with fresh cabling.
> Though US Tower gladly sells the cable, they no longer provide 
> instructions on
> how to install it.  They stated that there is a liablity issue when 
> sending
> instructions!  I was told to simply "attach it to the end of the old 
> cable" and
> pull it through!
> Gosh....
> 1. how does one attach the new to the old in a way that it will go around
> pullies, etc,
> 2. how does one deal with the tensioner and the positive pulldown 
> assembly,
> 3. how does one get their hand(s) inside to restring it with its 4 nested 
> tower
> sections?
> I am hoping someone has an old set of restringing instructions from US 
> Tower or
> that someone who has successfully restrung theirs will email me.  I 
> definitely
> need some pointers.
> All responses are welcomed.
> 73,
> Mike DiGirolamo, W4XN
> Charlottesville, VA
> W4XN at arrl.net
> PS  I also have the Raising Fixture and would like to restring it as well.
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