[TowerTalk] N-Connectors Needed

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Sat Jun 10 21:44:20 EDT 2006

On Jun 10, 2006, at 2:22 PM, Lee Buller wrote:

> Some of you have written me about the cable that I need connectors  
> for.  Well, it is an odd ball type of coax....here is the link to  
> RF Parts.
>   http://www.rfparts.com/heliax_LDF4550A.html
>   THe Newton Amateur Radio CLub is having trouble finding the  
> connectors...N type ... any gender.  It seems that this is coax  
> that might not be used much...or it is not being made anymore of  
> something.  WE cot a 320 foot spool for free from a miss-order ...  
> and I cannot disclose the source of the benifactor.  It was easier  
> to give it away than go through the companies paperwork.  So, we  
> accepted the gift and now we have trouble finding connectors.  The  
> plan is to put it on a new county tower going up north of town and  
> moving the local repeater to the location.  Apparently, our tech  
> guy has called around and cannot find any connector.  We might have  
> to make a connection ourselves...which is not a bad thing but I  
> would rather not.

It isn't a common size, but is still listed by by the manufacturer  
Andrew Corp (type LDF4.5-50A).  You might try them at 1-800-255-1479.

73 - Bob, N7XY

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