[TowerTalk] re Radials

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 14 09:56:23 EDT 2006

At 06:29 AM 6/14/2006, Rob Atkinson, K5UJ wrote:
>It depends on whether or not you either bury them, lay them flat on the 
>ground or elevate them a significant distance in terms of wavelength.  If 
>you bury them or lay them on the ground the 40 meter 1/4 w/l will be okay 
>on 20.  If you elevate them (for 7 mhz 6 feet would probably be okay) then 
>I think you need radials cut to each band you want to operate.
>If you haven't bought your wire yet, you'll have to rob a bank first.  I 
>heard last night that #14 and #12 cu wire prices have gone to the 
>moon.   A guy I know paid $90 for 500' of #12 at one of the big box 
>stores.  500' of #14 is around $40.  It was $15 two years ago.

Yes indeedy.. copper prices have shot through the roof.  Starts to make 
aluminum electric fence wire look more attractive.  60% of the conductivity 
of copper, but less than half the price, so just lay twice as much. (Labor 
is free on ham antenna projects, right?)

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