[TowerTalk] Foundation for bracketed Rohn 45

Kevin Hemsley kev at ida.net
Wed Jun 14 17:31:52 EDT 2006

I am working on plans for a 50' bracketed Rohn 45 tower. In going through 
the Rohn catalog looking at foundation drawings for Rohn 45 bracketed 
towers, you can either use a base plate or plant a tower section in concrete 
for the foundation. Is there a reason not to use one method or the other? 
This tower needs to be unguyed and will be bracketed to a brick building for 
a community installation. The county wind rating is 75MPH. The antenna load 
will be less than 8 sq feet. The top bracket will need to be a little lower 
than the Rohn specs. 45G was selected over 25G because of this. Any 
recommendations or caveats are appreciated.

Kevin Hemsley
kev at ida.net

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