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Peter Voelpel df3kv at t-online.de
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Our regulation EN 361 says if you connect the fall arrest lanyard above and
in front of you the front D ring must be used, that certainly applies to
tower work.
The back D ring must used if the lanyard is connected above but in the back.

Peter, DF3KV

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> I note that this website is NOT 
> hosted in the U.S. (inasmuch as Petzl isn't a U.S. 
> company) and the techniques they show may be perfectly ok in Europe.

Good point

I briefly looked around their website and I didn't see any twin fall arrest
lanyards manufactured by them. If they don't manufacture one, perhaps
whoever made the diagram wasn't familiar with where they should be
> Unfortunately, the OSHA link above doesn't give any of the 
> background as to "why attach to the back".

An unfortunate point

> The OSHA requirement is also specific to the construction 
> industry, and so, the back attachment requirement may be 
> construction specific.

Everywhere in the OSHA regulations that I have found discussions of "fall
arrest", the language is identical to what I quoted. Also remember that
building towers is "construction" work. I can find no steeplejack specific

And the bottom line to this discussion is: the LXC Prime Directive- do what
the manufacturer says. MSI, the manufacturer of my fall arrest lanyard and
one of the largest safety equipment suppliers in the US, says to connect it
to the rear (dorsal) D ring.

All of my "modern" climbing gear has a little instruction book sewn to the
webbing. Check your little book and see what it says. I'd be interested if
anyone finds instructions that say to connect it to the front D ring.



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