[TowerTalk] fall arrest for rooftops

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 15 00:08:56 EDT 2006

What I'd like to find is some convenient way to do a fall arrest/restraint 
for (pitched) rooftop work.  I seem to always wind up having to attach 
things near the eaves and it would be nice to have something that could be 
attached at the ridge line that would stop you from smashing to the ground 
if you slip off the edge of the roof.

When I was younger, my father belayed me with a climbing rope slung over 
the top of the roof while I hung over the edge to paint the eaves, however, 
this approach has significant disadvantages. Now, I have a 30 ft extension 

I assume roofers have some sort of thing to deal with this.


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