[TowerTalk] Climbing belts/harnesses demonstration

GALE STEWARD k3nd at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 11:02:13 EDT 2006


> Unfortunately, the OSHA link above doesn't give any
> of the background as to 
> "why attach to the back".
> The OSHA requirement is also specific to the
> construction industry, and so, 
> the back attachment requirement may be construction
> specific.
I have read that the reason for using the back D-ring
was that in a fall, when the shock absorbing lanyard
would pull tight, head would drop FORWARD until your
chin contacted the upper chest. This would limit the
forward/downward movement of the head & neck. 

With the shock absorbing lanyard attached to the front
D-ring, the opposite would happen and your head would
snap to the rear. Since nothing would limit the
head/neck motion, you could easily suffer a broken

Since the body allows the head/neck/shoulders to slump
forward naturally, with the reverse NOT being true,
The back D-ring seems like the only place to attach
shock absorbing lanyard.

Wishing all a SAFE tower working season!

73, Stew K3ND

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