[TowerTalk] Fall Arrest Post- fall response, A Medical Emergency

HFDXJUNKIE at aol.com HFDXJUNKIE at aol.com
Thu Jun 15 12:06:19 EDT 2006

My Wife is a nurse, she told me the medical condition ( cant think of the  
name now) that happens after just a few minutes of dangling from a harness...the 
 blood as it flows into your legs cant get back to the heart...there is no 
muscle  contraction from weight on the legs to assist (pump) the blood  
out..generally you will pass out as stated and die. If you are alive when able  to be 
placed on the ground or stretcher most of the time the heart cant handle  the 
blood rush back to the heart and you also die. Their are a lot of issues  
dangling from anything.  Fighter pilots in high speed aircraft are also  trained 
to exercise muscles during flight to avoid the same type of conditions.  So as 
its been stated..time is a big issue during a rescue...the crew at the  tower 
need to do it than , there ..not wait for help, the helpers need to be the  
rescuers, too many are not aware of the risks involved and will be in serious  
trouble if a problem ever arises. If your alone with just a helper on the  
ground..well good luck ! To each is own.
                                  Pete  NA2P

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