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     I suppose the bottom line here is:  On the low bands, one can never have too many antennas.

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Gene Smar  AD3F

> I have A/B'ed verticals vs inverted vees on many bands.  On 160M, a
> 90 ft vertical will beat a 90 ft high inverted vee by 10 to 20 dB,
> even on local signals.  On 80, an inverted vee becomes competitive with
> a vertical only for heights over 100 ft.  But at those heights, local
> signals
> are not strong.  For that you need less than 50 feet.  But a low dipole
> will be 10 dB down for DX.  On 40, vertical vs horizontal is about a wash
> at my QTH.  On 20 meters and up, especially the higher frequencies,
> an inverted vee is better than a ground mounted vertical most of the time.
> You are correct about verticals being lousy receive antennas on the low
> bands.
> What I have is inverted vee cloud warmers for 40/80 local work,
> and verticals for 80/160 transmit.  I receive on the cloud warmer
> for 80 and 160 for general listening, when I am not using a beverage.'
> ("local" means < 200 miles).
> Rick N6RK
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