[TowerTalk] Rotator for a US Tower TX438

Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy at 3web.com
Sun Jun 18 18:15:01 EDT 2006

For Randy (and others who may be wondering...)

The AlfaSpid will fit in the top section of the US Towers 4xx series,
from information I have gathered first hand from users at Dayton.  I am
assuming all the 4xx series  - 438 455 472 489 all use the same top

It is a snug fit, with a report from W9QM who installed his in a 472,
with about 2mm projecting. However that was still enough clearance for
him to fully retract the top section.

73 Don

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Will an AlfaSpid rotator fit in a US Tower TX438?   Has anybody done
I realize I will need to use the 4' pipe to flat plate adaptor, and
probably I will not be able to fully collapse the tower when the rotator
is installed.  My second option is a Yaesu G-800DXA and my third option
is a Hy-Gain HAM-V.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Randy - K4YYX

randyf at edge.net


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