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Well, heck .. start off with the premise that once you lay a waaaarrrrr 
on/in the ground, it is no longer resonant, in the first place!  And, the 
computer programs for antenna modeling have not a clue as to what your 
"ground" is really like, and the capacitive coupling to the earth varies .. 
even in the same "field" ... so .. just get them thar waaaarrrrsss out 
there, as many as you can, and as far as you can ... 4 feet, 22 feet, 150 
feet, whatever...wherever... and that vertical will plumb hum ... as to 
which direction will be "favored" .. who knows? (The Shadow?)  Use whatever 
waaarrrr you can find ... cheap ... what with copper so expensive now, the 
electric fence wire seems more better all the time.  Nope, won't last a 
lifetime, but, will you still be at that QTH in .. say, 15 years?  I have a 
super small downtown lot these days (no more moving .. it's ours, bought and 
paid for), sometimes to my dismay, but my HF2-V on the roof, with elevated 
radials, really does work .. no, not a 3L beam, but .. I'm in there 
scratching! 73
Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX

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My fascination with them for the low bands is that I haven't the space for a
wire that long...  Perhaps for 40, but not for 80, and certainly not for
160..  And the radial field is a compromise too, for the same reason..

We do what we can..

Gil, W1RG
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