[TowerTalk] Vibrating Concrete...

Dino Darling dino at k6rix.com
Mon Jun 19 01:07:22 EDT 2006

Roger asked;
> What are your recomendations for vibrating "high fiber" concrete.

Hey Roger, I'm not a professional concrete guy, but I play one on TV,
AND slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night!  :-)  To answer you
question, "Add more water!"

I sold concrete tools for a few years and did all the demos.  According
to the concrete guys, they saw no advantage to the fiber and it made
everything "furry".  They still got cracks, etc.  The old timers would
say, "Use more concrete if you want more strength."...or something to
that affect.

To be fair, the "engineers" state that FIBER is the best thing for
concrete and makes a world of difference!  I have yet to be on a pour
where an engineer was ankle high in the mud or riding on the concrete
trowel machines with me.  YMMV!

Dino  -  K6RIX
dino at k6rix.com

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