[TowerTalk] Vibrating Concrete...

Carl Smidt xveoneov at primus.ca
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What happened to those trucks that you filled with concrete Marlon?   :>)

73,   Carl  VE9OV
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> Grin,
> Too true Dino!
> I did manage to pour 4 trucks full of concrete last year.  All with
> microfiber in it.
> What I was told was that it would do nothing to stop the cracking.  This
> has
> proven to be quite true.  My 25x35 slab for a house addition is cracked
> all
> over.  Pouring in 100* weather is bad.  Not leaving a sprinkler on it for
> a
> week is worse!
> Next time I'll try the "more concrete" idea.
> What the fiber did do (and was claimed by the concrete guys) was to hold
> the
> concrete together.  This tendency was quite clear with little chunks that
> were left on tools or forms.  Hunks would come off but still be stuck
> together nicely.  It was actually quite impressive.
> We did have a bit more trouble getting the finishing done as the fiber
> would
> stick to the tools.  Once the concrete set up a bit though, that problem
> mostly went away and we were able to finish it just fine.  And power
> troweling worked just like normal.  One note I'd make though, when you
> want
> a nice smooth floor (like in a house) don't be afraid to run that power
> trowel about twice as long as you'd think you'd have to.  We should have
> hit
> the floor 2 or 3 more times.  I guess I'll have a nice surface for
> flooring
> to stick to though :-).
> laters,
> Marlon
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