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Not sure I buy this commment about fibermessh concrete not helping to
prevent cracking.  I'd bet that those that work in the building trades and
concrete workers especially would argue most eanestly for it over not using
in most cases for strength, adhesion and crack prevention.  A lot of people
don't want the added expense but I'm told the stuff works and is worth the
extra cost per yard.  In addition the concrete workers that I know will tell
you that depending on the mix that is ordered it is often better to add more
water for a stronger mix than more concrete. This is not to say that you
just pour a foundation for your project that is full of water.  But in every
case, you have to know just what it is you are doing, what psi is called for
whether the mix is to be moved through a pumper or just poured from the
mixer straight into the hole, etc.  I just put up a HD-70G motorized 70ft
tower here in Florida. I used a fibermesh concrete AS ADVISED by the
contractor who knew that I did not want to take out a 36 month payment plan
for the conrete.  It had to be pumped to the hole which requires different
considerations all together, smaller aggregate, a different mix of water,
etc. so that it will move.  The tower is up and I can tell you I feel pretty
confident that my house will blow away here in hurricane alley before my
tower comes out of that 8ft deep hole.  That's my two cents. Good luck with
your project. -Mike

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What happened to those trucks that you filled with concrete Marlon?   :>)

73,   Carl  VE9OV
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> Grin,
> Too true Dino!
> I did manage to pour 4 trucks full of concrete last year.  All with
> microfiber in it.
> What I was told was that it would do nothing to stop the cracking.  This
> has
> proven to be quite true.  My 25x35 slab for a house addition is cracked
> all
> over.  Pouring in 100* weather is bad.  Not leaving a sprinkler on it for
> a
> week is worse!
> Next time I'll try the "more concrete" idea.
> What the fiber did do (and was claimed by the concrete guys) was to hold
> the
> concrete together.  This tendency was quite clear with little chunks that
> were left on tools or forms.  Hunks would come off but still be stuck
> together nicely.  It was actually quite impressive.
> We did have a bit more trouble getting the finishing done as the fiber
> would
> stick to the tools.  Once the concrete set up a bit though, that problem
> mostly went away and we were able to finish it just fine.  And power
> troweling worked just like normal.  One note I'd make though, when you
> want
> a nice smooth floor (like in a house) don't be afraid to run that power
> trowel about twice as long as you'd think you'd have to.  We should have
> hit
> the floor 2 or 3 more times.  I guess I'll have a nice surface for
> flooring
> to stick to though :-).
> laters,
> Marlon
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