[TowerTalk] 160M Inverted Vee

peter.voelpel peter.voelpel at t-online.de
Mon Jun 19 13:35:53 EDT 2006

It is not the case that there is only a big lobe straight up.
Over poor ground the maximum of the lobe will be lower.
That lobe also extends down to perhaps 15° depending on the ground.
At 15° the relative gain will be 6-10db less then at 90° and just -3db at
30°. On the other hand a dipole gives us ground gain by reflection on earth.
The vertical suppresses high angle signals which will be an advantage when
listening for DX only and will have most of its relative gain in the low
Verticals are much more ground sensitive then dipoles, so it is quit often
that even the low dipole on a hilltop or in the desert outperforms a
vertical due to the poor ground.
Listening on both is not very good, I prefer beverages or small loops.

Peter, DF3KV

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It seems to me that a properly constructed short inverted vee will have 
a big lobe straight up on 160, and overall, a higher response angle.  So 
what is it about an inverted vee that makes it better for your 
situation? Any speculation?

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