[TowerTalk] 160M Inverted Vee

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Mon Jun 19 21:16:14 EDT 2006

> So, all the emails bragging about working so many countries or >some rare 
> DX  don't testify to how good any electrically low >160M inverted Vee is.

Hi Bill, et al

A big caveat also is where are you?  I'm sure a low dipole in New England is 
going to work a lot of DX on 160.  But if you live in Kansas, or even here 
in Oregon, you are going to work squat with the low dipole.  I have an 
inverted L and a dipole at 60 feet.  The dipole works great into California, 
Washington and other neighboring states.  But it pretty much quits when it 
gets past Colorado (and it takes some good ears in Colorado to usually hear 
me).  With the inverted L I can at least get to the east coast.  73

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