[TowerTalk] UFER Towerbase for 220ft "wifi" tower

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 21 17:29:40 EDT 2006

At 12:06 PM 6/21/2006, Beat Meier wrote:
>I'm looking for an "easy" method  to calculate more or less a tower base 
>for my tower.
>The tower is NOT self supporting.
>Height: 66m (220ft)
>Shape: triangle
>Material: Painted steel, not galvanized.
>What is mounted are only "small" parabolid grids (1mx0.7m) and omni antennas.
>Every 6m there are the cables. From the base to half of the tower the 
>cables go to 25m point
>from the half to top to a 50m point
>         50m
>         |
>         |
>         |
>         .
>     /      \
>    /____\
>I want to use UFER ground. If read a lot of articles found in the forum 
>and the internet
>but no one tells about how many metall grid you should put in a tower base.

One other thing that just occurred to me.  The "code" rules (for UFER and 
other) are for a electrical safety ground, not necessarily for lightning 
protection, which has a whole other set of aspects, not the least of which 
is that lightning isn't 50 or 60 Hz.

As it happens, the original work by Herbert Ufer was for lightning 
protection grounds, but that doesn't mean that the NEC required 20 ft of 
conductor is appropriate for that application.


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