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> Guys:
> A Non Directional Beacon Wesite/Index:
> http://www.dxtuners.com/servlet/IBMainServlet/?ib_page=117&parent_id=36&iw_language=en

Those are the fanciest NDBs I've ever seen. Here in the states, unless the 
NDB is also a Locator Outer Marker (LOM) most of them look like a plain old 
fasioned dipole.  Generally the Outer Marker (OM) which is not an LOM looks 
like a VHF corner reflector pointed straight up about 5 miles from the end 
of the runway.

The NDB at the Gladwin MI airport is about 100 yards to the south of the 
runway and quite visible.  Small building for the equipment and the dipole.

"Most" NDBs are being decomissioned here in the states. Few new planes even 
have the capability of receiving them. Instead they are building GPS 
overlays which is an approach that only exists in the GPS receiver software.

In the old days it was not uncommon to create your own approach off an AM 
station. Not legal, but they worked quite well.

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>>If the antenna is just off the E70, then I found it on
>>Google Earth.  44deg 56m 59s North x 0 deg 11m 21s East sound about right?
>>Interesting mystery.  While I pour through international allocations in
>>various services, I'm hoping one of my french friends can assist.
>>Good cycling!
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