[TowerTalk] Rotor Cable

K6TFZ at aol.com K6TFZ at aol.com
Fri Jun 23 09:52:27 EDT 2006

>Ok, so I'm sure it's been asked before, but is there any real problem  with 
using Category 5 >cable to control a Ham IV?  This is going to be  about a 100 
foot run (Thinking 90, but just >being conservative).   

> I just happen to have scads of it laying around  and thought it might be an 
inexpensive alternative.
The manual claims a max resistance of 0.8 ohms for terminals 1 and 2, 2.0  
ohms for terminals 3 through 8. It also lists wire sizes of 18 gauge for T 1-2  
and 20 gauge for T 3-8 for a maximum run of 125 feet.
Cat 5 cable is 24 gauge and has a resistance of 3.1 ohms per 100 feet. 
Hope this helps with your decision.
Geoff, K6TFZ

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