[TowerTalk] More on Orion mast clamps

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Thu Mar 2 14:53:32 EST 2006

Howdy, TowerTalkians --
    Tnx to all for their input on the Orion and its  mast clamping problems. 
While I've seen some bolt stretch that is probably a  contributing factor to 
mast slippage, it seems that the main problem is that  there isn't much surface 
area on the clamps to really hold a big torsional load.  While the SlippNott 
may help, it hasn't been verified that it'll actually fit  the Orion since it 
was designed for Hy-Gain rotators. 
    So it occurred to me that if we added more surface  area to the clamps, 
that would probably take care of the slippage problem. My  proposed solution is 
to get some relatively thin pieces of 2" ID pipe or tubing  and weld a piece 
onto each clamp since there's plenty of scope left in the  clamps for this 
sized mast. This should significantly add holding power to the  rotator and 
inexpensively to boot. 
    This may contribute to more torsional stresses  being put on the rotator 
gears but, short of a prop pitch, I don't see any other  options. 
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