[TowerTalk] long mast to bottom of tower

Mark . n1lo at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:45:34 EST 2006

Hello Gary,
A lot of good discussion so far. Another possibility is to cut one of the 
braces and bend it temporarily to allow longer mast pieces to slide in, then 
mend the cut with a welded or clamped splice.
I'd have to model a tower section on CAD to see what extra mast length will 
fit. Anyone got a CAD model of a 45G section already drawn up?


<< ... I have a 45G Rohn tower.  It is 80 feet tall.  I have been trying to
figure (without actually trying a piece of steel) what is the longest
you can have a piece of 2 inch diameter steel mast inserted from the
side of the tower....snip... what is the longest piece I
can slide into place from a standing tower without going in from the
top?  ...snip...Gary, N5PHT >>

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