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I can tell you my experience.
I own 4x  PST2051, two of them failed mechanically after very short use.
One was used to turn a 5-element 20m KLM 12m above ground, the rotator
inside the tower with 4m of the rotating mast inside also.
There was a little storm of 60km/h which broke the rotator:
the bearing cover, the bearing and half of the worm axle was pushed out
of the housing, of course in the middle of a contest. Since this was the
first installation of my rotators I quickly exchanged the broken rotator
by a new one.
Same thing happened without  wind, just by using the rotator 
Those rotators are specified for 2,5m² of windload, the beam has 0,9m²!
I changed the rotator to a HAMIV since then (3 years ago), no problem
So far there is only one of the rotators in use to turn two 9-element 2m

3 of the 4 control units failed electronically, power supply failure,
diver transistors, diodes etc. all with the type control boxes.
Two were repaired during warranty, the rotators the same.
All together my control boxes failed 5 times so far, 2 of the repairs I
did myself.

By the way, the mast clamps which were delivered with the rotors were
useless, the holes for the two sides were out of line for about 10mm, I
has to drill the bigger to get M8 screws through which are not enough to
hold the mast beside that the material is too thin and is bended by
fixing the srews.
Did I mention they rust like hell?

Recently I asked for a plug for the rotator site to make myself a test
cable for my control box repair, they can´t be delivered anymore! After
6 years!
That plug is quit large, so thin cable is much too small, on the other
control box site only a very thin cable is possible for the plug, it is
like a standard transceiver mice plug with 5 pins.

Anyone around who likes to buy 3 PST 2051 rotators?
One is never used, two are factory overhauled...


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G'day folks,

| FWIW...Personally I would steer clear of these guys as I've had first 
| experience with one of thir BigBoy rotors.  I also know others with 
| experiences.

Care to share the experience?  I run a PST61D, apparently they are being

purchased in significant numbers by the US navy after a shoot out
other makes.


Mike VP8NO 


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