[TowerTalk] dirty trix?

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Tue Mar 7 08:00:08 EST 2006

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>I can tell you my experience.
>I own 4x  PST2051, two of them failed mechanically after very short use.

>3 of the 4 control units failed electronically, power supply failure,
>diver transistors, diodes etc. all with the type control boxes.
>Two were repaired during warranty, the rotators the same.
>All together my control boxes failed 5 times so far, 2 of the repairs I
>did myself.

>Anyone around who likes to buy 3 PST 2051 rotators?
>One is never used, two are factory overhauled...


One of the local big guns told me he had a bunch
of failures with his as well, Peter. He was looking to 
switch to another manufacturer. 

Seems that the dirty trix may be the only thing "Big Boy"
has going for him :)

Mike W4EF.......................

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