[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid web site and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Wed Mar 8 00:59:31 EST 2006

I have no pony in this race between AlfaSpid and Prosistel since I don't
own either one and probably never will, because I have a lifetime supply of
prop pitch motors (and, no, I don't want to sell any, at least not at 
this time).

And I also have a very high regard for both North American marketing agents
for the two companies, although I probably know Jay better than I know Dan.

I just want to comment a bit on Jay's note in response to the various postings
on the reflector.  I thought his note was a step in the right 
direction, but probably
not as well edited as I would have hoped!  As I told Jay in a private email --
at least you are taking the "middle-road" if not the "high-road" in your reply.

I do know that his note was rushed out in an attempt to reply to the 
reflector in a
timely fashion, while he and his wife are in the crisis mode with her 
father.  As
you may (or may not) know, Sharon is N5CK and her father is a long time ham,
whose call is W5YGD, if I recall correctly.  Unfortunately he is in 
intensive care
in the cardiac unit at the hospital and Sharon (Jay's normal 
"editor") is spending
24/7 with him.   Jay dashed off his note to the reflector just before 
he rushed out
the door to be with Sharon and her father at the hospital tonight.

Maybe Jay will have some more comments once their personal crisis is over --
hopefully shedding more light than heat on the competition between these two
good product lines.  In the meantime, prayers and well-wishes are the most
appropriate response for Sharon's father and family.

Dan has also made some useful comments about his products and I think the
debate and competition is good for the end users, in that it will 
hopefully result
in better products and more responsive support from both companies.  Nothing
beats competition to help improve our rotator options.

73  -- John  W0UN

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