[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid web site and the art of motorcycle maintenance --CORRECTION

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Wed Mar 8 08:36:46 EST 2006


I should not complain about Jay's editing when my own is not very good.

In my note about AlfaSpid and Prosistel I made a SERIOUS typo
and typed DAN instead of DON.

I know Don Moman, VE6JY, well enough to be very embarrassed by the
typo and can only explain it by being 1) tired, 2) old, and 3) stupid!

All my comments about AlfaSpid were an attempt to be positive and fair
about both products lines.  I have spoken at some length with DON in
years past about adapting their controller for use with my prop pitch motors.
Nothing came of it so far because of my OWN lack of activity in the
past few years due to my move to Texas and being the primary care
giver for my elderly aunt and uncle this past year.  But in fairness to Don
and AlfaSpid he was very helpful and supportive of the idea.

Now that my aunt and uncle have passed away I hope to find more time to
get serious about big antennas again.  My only excuse now is that I am
also POOR (in addition to being tired, old, and stupid).  But hopefully these
little "hinderances" won't stop me.    ;-)

And since I screwed up, I should also mention that I am a big fan of that
"kid" Dan Simmonds for his work in developing the AN Wireless product
line of towers -- once again adding options and competition to the market
place for the benefit of us all.

73--John  W0UN

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