Wed Mar 8 11:38:47 EST 2006

Mine is resonant at 7.130 but the SWR rises much more quickly toward the
bottom of the band so:

2:1 Points are 7.029 - 7276. (Almost 3:1 at 7.000)

I don't particularly worry. My Alpha 87 (which is pretty picky about SWR)
works fine over the whole band. The antenna works very nicely on phone and
CW so you need not worry. The SWR may deteriorate more quickly because I
have a Force 12 C3 about 14 feet about it and the two antennas don't really
like each other. I had to turn them 90 degrees to get away from the

I would follow Steve's advice and tune the antenna for 7.075. 

Bill, W5VX 

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>>  2. Based on what I read in the archives, I'm left
>with the  impression
>the Cushcraft tuned for CW isn't real effective on
>phone.  Is that what TTers
>are experiencing?
>        Just use the LXC Secret  Dimensions. Split the
>difference between CW
>and MID and it'll resonate about  7.075 with 2:1 points
>at 7.000 and 7.250 and
>you can't beat that!
>Steve    K7LXC
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