David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 8 21:30:34 EST 2006

My old 402CD is set for mid band.  SWR is 1.5 at the top and 1.7 at the

I helped as friend set up his XM240 to the same setting and he finds almost
the same.

Even at 35 feet (Tower cranked down for rotor repair) its a killer...ask
N4KG or K4BAI.

Plus it works well on 17 meters.  K1MM uses his on 12 but I find its too
much of a cloverleaf (great or bust) and unpredictable.  A secret that few
know...it works as good on domestic work as most other antennas on 160 but
thru a tuner.  I have a dipole L
and you cannot tell the difference on stations within 1200 miles.  Now on DX
it falters but hey an antenna you can use on 4 bands...I forgeot to say that
I switch between my KT 34XA at 76 feet and the 40 at 86 feet and often
signals on 15 are louder on the 40.  Again a tuner is required. So a 40
meter beam that works like gangbusters on 17 and 15 and is adequate on 160
for domestic work and can work 12 in a pinch.  Now to see if will work on

Oops did I let a secret out??

73 Dave K4JRB

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