[TowerTalk] Help; Coax Run

WarrenWolff at aol.com WarrenWolff at aol.com
Fri Mar 10 11:08:09 EST 2006

Back again, TTalkers,
I received lots of encouragement on the subject
of BuryFlex  and QSL’s.  Appreciate all the help,
too many to thank individually.
Now, I would like to fine tune how to run these
two runs of  coax plus rotator control cables.
Although Lake Havasu City is lenient on tower
heights, I am  trying to be very considerate of
one of my neighbors; he has a nice view of  the
lake; I do not.  My original tower location (Plan A)
would be on the periphery of his (her) view and
“she” feels a bit stressed seeing any of  my
tower, at all. My Plan  A would place the tower
right by the shack.
Plan B would place my stack and HD-70 tower
at the opposite  end of my lot from his view.
This means that the line of sight run would be
around 95  feet.  If I were to route the cables “around”
the edge of my slab, it  would be around 25 feet longer
with the attendant 90 degree turn (90' + 30',  linear).
I am thinking two parallel runs of 4 inch PVC.  Of
course,  running it around the slab might make the
underground utilities man and the  plumber much
My questions include:
What is the best  way to run the cable?  Under the
slab?  In the slab?  Around  the corner?  Should I
try to have the center of the run “droop” a bit,  with
a couple of drainage holes at the bottom of the droop?
What is the  best way to handle a 90 degree turn if I
go that route?
Appreciate any advice I can get before meeting with
my  builder.
Regards, Warren Wolff; W5KKW;  WY7L

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