[TowerTalk] Tower bases and concrete.

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Fri Mar 24 07:02:45 EST 2006

Follow the tower manufacturer's recommendations, which usually specify 
the strength of the concrete to be used (e.g., 4000lbs) and the required 
configuration of reinforcing steel.

In the absence of the manufacturer's recommendations, you should really 
consult an engineer.

By layman's guess is that using rocks and old concrete slabs would make 
it difficult to avoid air pockets -- and you can't be sure of their 


Alan NV8A

On 03/24/06 05:42 am Robert Thain wrote:

> I am going to install my first tower. But I know
> nothing about concrete. 
> I think this ia a very basic question.
> What ratio of concrete to sand do I need ?
> Are there differnt sorts of concrete and sand ? Are
> there any special things I should add to the mix ?
> Does it differ from country to country ?
> I had thought about 'bulking out' the mix by adding
> big rocks. If I have a 2mcube hole and I add 1mcube of
> rocks, I then only need 1mcube of concrete. Is this a
> good idea ? 
> I find these rock very heavy for their size, roughly
> the same weight as concrete. I also have some old
> concrete slabs I could add.
> Also I would like to set some beverage posts in a
> small concrete hole, would this be the same mix as for
> the towerbase, ie sand:concrete ?

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