[TowerTalk] Decision: T8 or T11?

Kent Tiburski k6fq at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 27 13:16:59 EST 2006

Mark and All,

  The question I'd ask is what your preferences are
for the 6 meter side.  I have a T-11 here and my
decision was to replace a M2 6M7JHV and triband yagi
with one antenna.  The T-11 gain is more than a 3
element yagi, but equal to or more than a 4 element
(depending on boom length and manuafactuer).  I
figured a good 3 db trade off on the two antennas, but
then with the spots down and my location (San Diego),
I'd be hard pressed to work any Europeans on 6.  The
antenna works well, in fact I think a little better,
on the short E skip than the 7 element (I'm running
legal limit on 6 too).  That might help you decide.
I've heard of folks using the other log cells on 6
meters, I guess in an overtone mode (40/15 meters,
etc.) in fact I've worked two guys like this last
year.  As far as the HF side, most of the Tennadyne
logs work well and I've not heard anything negative
about them....

  Well I do have a pet peave.  Chuck (old owner)
stated in his assembly instructions not to use any
conductive grease or paint the antennas.  Well that's
fine if you live in the midwest or desert, but here in
San Diego at my QTH (2 miles from the ocean) aluminum
won't last very long before it becomes excessively
corroded. Good luck with your choice, I think either
way you go you'll enjoy them.

Oh and the HD-73, lose it!  The T-11 is 9 square feet
of windload and over 50lbs with feedline attached. 
THe 73 won't last long!  I have (temporarlly) a G-800
Yaesu up and it's barely up to the task.  I plan on
putting up something more stout in the near future.  

73, Kent, K6FQ`

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