[TowerTalk] Stacked KT34XA's vs The Competition?

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Tue Mar 28 17:40:11 EST 2006

C3E was a winner on all three bands, sometimes a little and sometimes a  lot.
When he switched in the stacked, the difference was lessened and  sometimes
the stack prevailed. I didn't include how many db  different.............de 
Before we conclude anything from the comparison of the KT34XAs to the  C3E....
Let's compare apples to apples.  Were both the systems at the same  height?  
Were the phasing harnesses on the KT34XA done correctly, or like  some of the 
ones described on the reflector? How close were the two antennas in  the stack 
etc, etc, etc.?
Comparing two single antennas, and not the stacks also presents the same  
problems...what height, losses in line etc.
I have used stacks for 20+ years and can tell you that at times my little  
A-3 at 45 feet beat the full stack 5/5/5/5 at 200/150/100/50 both in and out of  
phase...not often, but it did happen.  Would anyone want to say that the  A-3 
is better antenna?  I doubt it.
Strictly by gain figures, if the antennas are phased correctly and there  are 
no losses, the stack of Kt34XAs should kick the crap out of a single  C-3.  
Just because you stack antennas doesn't mean you have done it  correctly.
Bill K4XS

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