[TowerTalk] ROHN (et al) Tower Loading

Wed Mar 29 19:44:20 EST 2006

Hi gang .. well, in 1984 I was ordering a truckload (really) of tower from Rohn .. their sales guy had become a buddy of mine.  We got to discussing the "puny" tower load ratings .. he told me, that in reality, the ratings were 5Ø% of a safe load... of course, I would not impart that info to a tower purchaser... but I had been involved in putting up enough of them by then.. I KNEW that .. .. ..  However, every time I bring this up, I get a "whuppin" from "the sky is falling" pencils-in-the-pocket-protector group.  Just mentioning, as to Rohn, NEVER had one bite the dust -- did have a W-67 I demolished, however -- HIHI
(My BAD) -- 73, Mark  AA6DX 

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