[TowerTalk] Direct Burial/Trench/DirecTV

Floyd Sense fsense at charter.net
Thu Mar 30 10:20:59 EST 2006

I had my DirecTV dish on the same tower as my beam and the cables were 
close and parallel to my feedlines/control cables for 75 feet or so. 
Never heard a peep from the DirecTV power supply.  There's no reason 
that a properly shielded and filtered switching supply should cause 
problems anyway.  My IC-765 has an internal switching power supply that 
is completely quiet on all bands.

73, K8AC

Mark Adams, PE wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> I am ready to install direct burial cabling between my tower and 
> basement. This includes 3 runs of BuryFlex, one run of 1/2" TV hardline, 
> rotor cable, 12/2 UF for an outlet at the tower base (which will be plug 
> connected inside, and two RG-6 w/Ground for DirecTV. The dish will be on 
> a pole a few feet from the main tower. My VHF rover partner suggested 
> that the DirecTV may use a switching PS for its multi dish switch and 
> that I may be QRMing my ham installation.  Has anyone done this or have 
> any direct experience? At my previous QTH the ham stuff and sat stuff 
> was well separated.
> 73,
> Mark/K2QO
> FN03ra
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