[TowerTalk] [Ham-80211] OT??? High power 2.4 GHz rules change

jeff at aerodata.net jeff at aerodata.net
Wed May 17 12:32:54 EDT 2006

Hi Marlon:

We have talked before on the ISP-WIRELESS list. I have large part 15
community network here in Hillsdale MI, and unlike most WISP's, we
actively involve the amateur radio community and participate in their
emergency drills.

APC is only required on Part 97 Spread Spectrum.... hams running video or
FM, the large majority of amateurs by far on 2.4ghz, are not required to
run APC. So they are not effected by this proposal.

As I understand it, it was the FCC who approached hams about dropping the
APC requirement for spread spectrum. Further, the number of amateurs
running spread spectrum under part 97 is very small. And the cost of high
power amplifiers is prohibitive to most hams. Almost a non-issue. Also,
spread spectrum hams already have a written wavier from most APC rules
(which is likely why the FCC approached them about dropping the codified
requirement). I can count maybe one or two that have actually taken
advantage of it.

My suggestion, drop your proposal since it likely will have little real
world impact and will cost you significant attornies fees to fight an
uphill battle against a primary user and gain you some undeserved enemies.
It really is a non-issue and once again it appears some are crying chicken
little against the hams.

But do what you think is best. Should make for some entertaining reading
if it goes forward.

Jeff King wb8wka
Tech chair, Hillsdale CoolCities

> Hi All,
> As I'm sure you guys are aware, HAMs are primary users in about half of
> the
> 2.4 gig band.  When using APC you can run very high wattage.  I can't
> remember if it's 100 or 1000.  This is for video as I recall.
> There's a proposal to drop the APC requirement.  As a board member of the
> Wireless Internet Provider's Association (www.wispa.org) I've been asked
> to
> ask for your input on the issue.
> WISPs, and other license exempt users, are limited (for all practical
> purposes) to 4 watts for our broadcast sites.  And much of the gear is
> contention based, so anything that's always on tends to cause great
> headaches and gnashing of teeth.
> We will likely fight this new proposal but wanted input from the HAM
> community first.
> Are there people using this ability today?
> What's it used for?
> Any plans for more high power 2.4 gig use?
> Are there any reasons that we shouldn't come out against the proposal to
> drop the APC requirement?
> Am I missing anything?  Asking the wrong questions etc?
> Thanks all!
> Marlon
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