[TowerTalk] Rebar Centering, Rebar Rusting, Foundation Failure, ETC.

Richard M. Gillingham rmoodyg at bellsouth.net
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Also, they don't contact the rebar cage.

They are (or should be) encased in grout.  At least that's what USTs 
installation instructions and the PE's drawings show.

Good luck,
Gil, W1RG
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> One thing that has always baffled me is:
> If it is so important that rebar does not come within
> 3 inches of the concrete to earth interface, then why
> is it OK for the anchor bolts to stick up out of the
> concrete?
> Possible answers:
> 1.  They penetrate a concrete to air interface.
> In that case you can simply let a few of the rebar
> cage vertical bars stick up out of the concrete
> so you can grab on to them to keep the cage centered.
> 2.  They are galvanized.  However, UST ships non
> galvanized anchor bolts, so I guess it isn't 2.
> 3.  Rebar rusts easier than bolts.  Probably not.
> Anyone have the correct answer?
> Rick N6RK
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