[TowerTalk] Tailtwister 2, Tashjian tower

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Will a Yeasu 2800DXA fit?  My tower is on order.  Same #6 top section on a
LM-354HD SP. I was going to order the rotator soon.  This got me worrying if
the Yeasu will fit.


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You can use the T2X in the LM-470, if that is the model you have.   You'll 
need to use spacers to raise the plate up about 1 1/2" inches, to allow  the

rotor to clear the cross braces. Karl Tashjian can supply them or you can
your own out of a piece of angle iron. The tower will telescope all the way

down with the rotor install.
If you need I can supply you a picture of the plate with the spacers.  

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