[TowerTalk] push on pl 259's

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Sat Dec 8 19:34:38 EST 2007

> Hi all, I'm building a coax patch panel for HF and wonder about using
> Amphenol push on pl 259 connectors for the most often used patch cables. 
> It
> would be easier than unscrewing the shell on a regular 259 to change

I've used them in the past with no *apparent* problems, BUT IIRC the shell 
only makes contact with the raised edges of the chassis connector. That 
leaves a very small contact area that is some what dependent on the spring 
tension of the shell, so how well they'd do at high power, I don't know. 
After quite a few years of use they still worked well.

In my shop I have a patch panel directly above and behind the HL-1.5Kfx amp. 
However these are all N-connectors. I have to admit I'd particularly like to 
use the "push on" connectors at the rigs. Screwing on the shell of a PL-259 
on the VHF/UHF connector of my Icom 7000 is a royal pain with the interface 
cable being directly above it which prevents getting a good grip on the 

Currently the patch panel will let me connect to the antennas on the big 
tower, or at the shop. This will soon change to one cable from the shop to a 
"6-pack" at the tower for 1.8 through 50 MHz and the same for the ham shack. 
I may need to eventually add another 6-pack for the UHF/VHF bands. Except 
for the 144 and 440 arrays at 130 feet I really have no need (that I can 
think of) for switching the 4 Diamond 144/440 verticals from one location to 
the other.

> antennas etc. Any thoughts or experiences with these connectors? Will I 
> get
> a good enough connection from them?

They're not expensive and were it me (which it's not) I'd give them a try.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)

> Ken
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