[TowerTalk] EZ Master

Steve and Judy hodgson at cytanet.com.cy
Sun Dec 9 02:10:41 EST 2007

A little off topic but it may help someone.

        15/09/07     I made an online purchase of an EZ Master from Ham Radio 
                            Solutions plus accs, cost EU 740, paid for via PayPal  for 
                            which I received confirmation.
                            After a couple of weeks waiting for the order to arrive I sent an 
                            email to the order dept enquiring about the order. 
                            No Reply.
        27/09/07     I then sent an email to Fabio I4UFH with the same inquiry and received
                            a reply stating that they were waiting for a small  mechanical part 
                           that had been on order for 6 weeks and that the part was due to
                           be delivered the following week.
        23/10/07     I emailed Fabio again requesting info.
                            No Reply
        30/10/07     I again emailed Fabio. 
                            No Reply
        08/11/07    Back to emailing the order dept,  again.
                            No Reply
        12/11/07    Emailed Fabio again requesting info.
                            Received a reply at last stating that they were in the process of
                            shipping my order and could I confirm the shipping address.
        1311/07     Emailed confirming shipping address.
        27/11/07    Emailed Fabio requesting info.
                           No Reply
        30/11/07    Emailed Fabio requesting info.
        01/12/07   Received a reply that my order had been damaged at the post
                          office and had been returned so they needed to pack and ship
                          another order. Please confirm your address.
        02/12/07   Sent an email saying  that I have the feeling that you are not telling 
                          me the whole truth and that these are just delaying tactics and that
                           I will give you until the 7th of December to fast ship the order.
                           If the order is not received by that date then a claims procedure
                           will be initiated.
                           No Reply
        09/12/07    Still no sign of my order,  or any correspondence.

        Looks to me that I am getting the runaround here.
        It has now been nearly 3  months since placing the original order. 
        The order policy states that goods will be shipped within 15 days, this has 
        plainly not happened.

        The EU740 left my account on the 15th of September.

        If anyone else has placed an order and is experiencing similar problems 
        would they please post.
        Likewise would anyone who has placed an order within the last three months 
        and received it.

        73 Steve  ZC4Li.

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