[TowerTalk] Yaesu Connectors

Robert Hess w1rh at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 14:22:17 EST 2007

I found this post, below, in the archives and thanks
to the author for researching an alternative source
for these connectors.  Has anyone ordered one of these
and does it work?


Warning... this is from "eye ball" observation and I
haven't ordered any to 

The 7-pin connector appears to be a series "JR"
connector (Japanese Round) 
with a size "16" shell.  The general part number for a
waterproof 7-pin, 
size 16 shell plug, with solder socket pins is:
"JR16WP-7S".  Digikey stocks 
the Hirose brand as their part number HR914-ND at
$15.30 each.  You will 
also need the cable strain relief clamp which is
Hirose # JR16WCCA-x where x 
is the cable diameter, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm.  The
Digikey number is 
HR100x-ND where x is 3 for 4 mm., 4 for 6 mm., 5 for 8
mm.,... , 7 for 12 
mm. and the cost is $7.22 each for a total of $22.52
per connector set.
The non-waterproof series includes the strain relief
and runs about $7 
cheaper in total.
and <http://www.digikey.com>.

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