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That looks like just what I need on my steep roof, too - it has to be much safer than throwing a rope over the roof and anchoring it to the deck, then pulling myself up, which is what I've had to do to keep from slipping. But I know it's unsafe.
I wonder if it's really worthwhile or even necessary to use two of them instead of just one? Or would one be sufficient?

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>We had to find a safe solution for climbing steeps roofs to install
>WISP antennas. For several months I could not figure out how in the
>world the other guys were getting up on 45 degree 35 foot tall center
>hip roofs.
>I found some J-Hooks to attach to a 42' aluminum extension ladder. The
>link is: http://www.slateroofcentral.com/store_lad_hook.html
>They have one with and without rollers, company told me both meet
>applicable OSHA requirements. We place a 22 ft fiberglass ladder with
>standoffs against the outside wall and two guys can get the longer
>ladder on the roof. 
>Don't get me started on how the other guys ground, err...don't ground
>their outside roof mounted antennas.
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