[TowerTalk] Roof Tower Safety

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Dec 18 17:05:37 EST 2007

Two is much more convenient, and gives you some redundancy for safety.  I 
can visualize situations in which accidentally tilting the ladder laterally 
might cause a single hook to come off the roof peak.

Google the term "ladder hook" and you'll find a lot of hits.  There's one 
outfit that sells through amazon.com that only sells in pairs, for not much 
more than one of other sellers' units that appear identical.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 04:47 PM 12/18/2007, larryjspammenot at teleport.com wrote:
>That looks like just what I need on my steep roof, too - it has to be much 
>safer than throwing a rope over the roof and anchoring it to the deck, 
>then pulling myself up, which is what I've had to do to keep from 
>slipping. But I know it's unsafe.
>I wonder if it's really worthwhile or even necessary to use two of them 
>instead of just one? Or would one be sufficient?
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> >We had to find a safe solution for climbing steeps roofs to install
> >WISP antennas. For several months I could not figure out how in the
> >world the other guys were getting up on 45 degree 35 foot tall center
> >hip roofs.
> >
> >I found some J-Hooks to attach to a 42' aluminum extension ladder. The
> >link is: http://www.slateroofcentral.com/store_lad_hook.html
> >
> >They have one with and without rollers, company told me both meet
> >applicable OSHA requirements. We place a 22 ft fiberglass ladder with
> >standoffs against the outside wall and two guys can get the longer
> >ladder on the roof.
> >
> >Don't get me started on how the other guys ground, err...don't ground
> >their outside roof mounted antennas.
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