[TowerTalk] Bamboo Quad Spreaders

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Wed Dec 26 20:06:56 EST 2007

 From past experience, I can only suggest the following:

Find/build/buy/scrounge a length of raingutter longer than the bamboo shafts.
[Not sure what band/s you are looking at, but 16' for each might be  
long enough.]

Polyurethane will work, but you can purchase marine spar varnish in  
5-gallon [or larger] quantities for less.
Use the raingutter as a trough to soak the bamboo for an extended  
period of time.
You will want to cover the trough while soaking so it doesn't  
evaporate or get 'thick'.
You will need a 'drying stand' after removing them from the trough.  I  
suggest using two very thin edges of metal for them to rest upon.
Keeping the shafts from the weather is another problem!
Good luck

Quoting WA3GIN <wa3gin at comcast.net>:

> Hi Folks,
> Santa brought me a dozen 40ft bamboo stalks freshly cut and ready   
> for drying and UV sealing treatment.
> I'm looking for suggestions regarding the sealing paint/varnish   
> material used.
> In the past 920 years ago) I used marine spar varnish which was   
> mixed for 100% outdoors use...much has changed in the paint/varnish   
> industry since then.  I have no idea what works today.
> I tried polyurethane on one element and it flaked away in a few   
> years of exposure to the sun.
> I'm also open to speader color ideas. I know from experience that   
> people who paint their front doors black experience severe wood   
> spliting, apparently from the excessive heat build-up when the doors  
>  are exposed to sunshine, so I think black is not a good color but   
> what about silver, white, sky blue?
> Thoughts are welcome,
> dave
> wa3gin
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