[TowerTalk] Bamboo Quad Spreaders

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You may want to check the web for articles on building bamboo fly rods such
as: http://globalflyfisher.com/rodbuilding/bamboo1/index.php

Fly rod makers are concerned about strength and flexibility.  Their
techniques may be useful re spreader strength and longevity.


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Hi Folks,

Santa brought me a dozen 40ft bamboo stalks freshly cut and ready for drying
and UV sealing treatment.

I'm looking for suggestions regarding the sealing paint/varnish material

In the past 920 years ago) I used marine spar varnish which was mixed for
100% outdoors use...much has changed in the paint/varnish industry since
then.  I have no idea what works today.

I tried polyurethane on one element and it flaked away in a few years of
exposure to the sun.

I'm also open to speader color ideas. I know from experience that people who
paint their front doors black experience severe wood spliting, apparently
from the excessive heat build-up when the doors are exposed to sunshine, so
I think black is not a good color but what about silver, white, sky blue?

Thoughts are welcome,

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